STAA Mission Statement

St. Therese School supports sports programs as part of the ministry of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  Sports promote positive values such as good health, strong self esteem, loyalty, fair play, generosity, friendship and cooperation  The emphasis in sports at St. Therese is on insuring positive reinforcement, skill development, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior are values that are expected of all participants and spectators at sports events.

 The goal of St. Therese Athletic Association (STAA) is to insure that our sports programs reflect the highest principals and teachings of the Catholic Church.  Information about the sports programs and scheduled events offered at St. Therese School is available on this website.

STAA Board Members

Chris Fassinger – Athletic Director

Laura Fassinger

Kristen Michalski

Jim Michalski

Renee Ruggles

Randy Ruggles


Basketball Program Directors

John Phillip – Boys Program Director

Jeremy Kelley – Girls Program Director


JV Boys Volleyball Coaches

Christian Marini & Dawn Marini

Varsity Boys (Red Team) Coaches

Pat Peterson & Chris Lawson

Varsity Boys (Black Team) Coach

Ken Hudak


Parents ARE NOT permitted to stay 
for practices unless your child 
has a medical condition that 
requires you to be present.

Open gyms are not mandatory 
but highly recommended. 

Basketball Coaches 2019/2020
Varsity A Boys: Mike Voit

Varsity B Boys Red: Zach Jumba

Varsity B Boys White: Chris Fassinger and Randy Ruggles

JV A Boys: Christian Marini and 
Patrick Connelly

JV B Boys: Ken Hudak and Amanda Darcy

Varsity A Girls: Jeremy Kelley

Varsity B Girls: Amanda Sekanic

JV Girls: Renee Ruggles and Kristy White

Jumpstart 4th gr. Boys: Carey White

Jumpstart 3rd gr. Boys: Pat Zablocki and Josh Pastor

Jumpstart 3rd/4th gr. Girls: John Ridilla

Track Coaches

Mary Ann Hatala & Chris Lawson

JV Golf Coach
TJ Mihailoff

Varsity Golf Coach
Chris Goetzman


~All physician release forms must
be submitted at the time of 
registration and must be dated
for the current
school year.

~All registration is now done on Team Snap. Please watch Simply Circle for announcements related to open registration periods.
thletic uniforms are for GAMES ONLY.  
They are NOT to be worn for personal use.

This is the Diocesan website for basketball and volleyball.  Directions to gyms can be found here.


Diocesan Cheer Competition Dates 
March 21, 2020 St. Louise
March 28, 2020 Diocesan Championship 
Archangel Gabriel (Kennedy Campus)

Varsity Cheer Coaches 2019/2020
Megan Groves, Lindsay Kaselonis, Lindsay Schanck    
Pep Squad Cheer Coach 2019/2020
Nicole Mance